Cary Kennedy, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate


Cary is an innovative and forward-looking leader. Her leadership, ability to solve problems and her love of Colorado have helped us build one of the fastest growing economies in the nation.

Cary and her husband Saurabh Mangalik raised their two children, Kyra and Kadin, here in Colorado. Cary was raised with the value of service, and has passed that on to her kids. Cary learned at an early age from her mother, who is a social worker, that we have an obligation to reach out and take care of one another. Cary also believes we have an obligation to protect the Colorado we love.

As Colorado State Treasurer and then as Denver’s Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer, Cary has managed Colorado taxpayer’s money for over a decade. During volatile economic times, she put both the State and Denver on stronger financial footing. As State Treasurer, she ended risky Wall Street investments before the Great Recession, avoiding the losses that other states incurred. Cary opened the books of Colorado’s government, creating searchable databases of expenditures at the state and in Denver. Under her leadership as CFO, Denver was recognized as one of the best financially run cities and the best city in the country to do business.

Cary is an innovative problem solver for Colorado. As the author of Amendment 23, Cary has been on the forefront of fighting for public education for Colorado’s kids. She crafted the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) program that funded – and continues to fund – the renovation and replacement of hundreds of crumbling and dilapidated schools across Colorado. She is the most qualified person to expand and grow Colorado’s potential and protect the things we all love about Colorado.