Danielle Kombo, Candidate for Colorado House District 45

DKombo photo.jpg

Which office are you running for and where? 

State Representative for House District 45 – (Castle Rock, Castle Pines, The Pinery).

When is your election day? November 6, 2018

Why did you decide to run for public office? Did someone encourage or inspire you?

I decided to run because yelling at our leaders for their poor choices from my couch wasn’t making a difference in the community where I live nor the country that I love. I was tapped to run by a congressional candidate, however Michelle Obama inspired me to not let anything stand in the way of my success or my desire to change the status quo.

What did you do before you decided to run? Where did you go to school? Tell us a little about your resume.

Before deciding to run, I attended Prairie View A&M and Colorado State University. I worked in health care for 10 years as a program/project coordinator, physician recruiter, and primary care clinic supervisor, and I launched a small trucking business.

What are your top 3 key initiatives/policies? 

I would like to lower costs for health care, increase funding for education, and increase access to transportation in my district and across Colorado.

Tell us about a day in the life of your campaign or tell us your favorite story from the campaign trail. 

It is a busy and intense time of focus and hard work. I feel so blessed to be running for my district and for being the first African American to do so. One of the funniest moments during my primary campaign was when one of my volunteers met a voter that was walking her cat on a leash while they were canvassing. I have experienced so much positivity from Republicans and Democrats alike. It has been an incredible journey thus far.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a candidate? Are there challenges you face that are unique to you as a woman candidate?

I am in a Republican leaning district; however, I believe the people are ready for a change. There are absolutely unique challenges I face as a woman candidate. Conservative views aren’t typically favorable to women candidates and I am up against a staunch conservative incumbent.

What can women do to help you? 

VOTE and help me raise the funds necessary to win. I believe we have the potential to win in 2018! 

Share a fun fact or two with us! 

I love stand-up comedy and laughter in general because I believe it slows down the aging process and is good for the soul. I have probably watched hundreds of comedians on stage and on television.

Any additional thoughts? 

My boys are the reason I decided to do this. They are my little princes and want to fight for them to live in a better safer world.